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Replacing dangerous kerosene lamps with solar lights in rural homes without access to electricity

The World Health Organization estimates that 2.5 million people die each year as a result of using kerosene, candles or other unsafe and toxic fuel sources to light their homes. These deaths occur from explosions, burns, aspiration and respiratory illness. In a time when we are approaching 8 billion inhabitants on the earth nearly 1/4 are living without access to electricity, forcing them to use dangerous alternatives for lighting. Most of the deaths and injuries associated with these burns are children under 14 years old. This is a worldwide problem. The NORTHWEST AUSTIN ROTARY CLUB is taking action to help eliminate this needless death and suffering. Working with the Grid Earth Project,, the founders who are members of the club, are delivering solar powered safe lighting to replace the danerous light sources presently used in remote areas around the world. Our project is to provide safe solar light to every rural home in Belize without access to electricity.

Project location
Project dates
Start: 05 April 2013
End:  31 December 2013
Created: 05 April 2013
Project category
Maternal and child health
Project contacts
Audrey Cochran, Northwest Austin| contact
San Ignacio, Cayo, Belize (Rotary Club)
Northwest Austin, TX, USA (Rotary Club)
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  • Uploaded by
    Audrey Cochran
    Same children study using Grid Earth Project solar light
  • Uploaded by
    Audrey Cochran
  • Uploaded by
    Audrey Cochran
    Children with their solar lights
  • Uploaded by
    Audrey Cochran
    Children trying to study by Kerosene lamp

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