If you are seeking partners for your project:
  1. Provide clear project details. If you intend to apply for a global grant and are seeking international partners, make sure to include information about community assessment, intended project outcomes, and project sustainability.
  2. Use the Related Links section to link to financing plans, project proposals, or social media posts about your project.
  3. Upload photos that will tell a story about your project.
  4. List your other projects that are completed or in progress on Showcase. These will help potential partners get to know your club.
  5. Respond promptly to questions when contacted by potential partners.
If you want to join another club's project:
  1. Search first by project status to find proposed projects that are seeking partners. You can narrow your search by filtering for global grants projects or by country or category.
  2. Look at the club’s completed projects to get a better idea of the club’s capabilities.
  3. Use the contact button to email the project creator.

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