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Christmas Produce Collection

We collect produce from growers in our area for the Salvation Army to distribute to needy families.


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Every year around mid-December our Rotary club organises a collection of fresh produce from local growers. The produce is donated to the Salvation Army for distribution to needy families over the Christmas period. Running the project involves coordinating with the Salvation Army and contacting growers prior to the collection to confirm the date and time of our collection and what produce they will donate. We also need to organise about three large trucks to carry out the collection. On the day, we divide growers into three regions and about three members per truck collect the produce from each region before delivering to the Salvation Army. To follow up, we send each participating grower a letter of thanks.



New Zealand

01 December 2015

17 December 2015

Frederick W. A. Kuegler, Drury | contact


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