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Rotarians Against Malaria Timor Leste 9830 9550

Bednets for pregnant women and insecticide sprayers for the whole community to fight against malaria

Funded by Rotary Grant

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In December 2018, the Rotary Club of North Hobart (RCNH) and RAM were successful in obtaining a Rotary Global Grant of USD251,334 for malaria elimination in Timor Leste. Implementation commenced in December 2018 and will conclude in around August 2020. The project was supported by 15 of 21 Rotary districts in Australia. The project is managed by Dr. Jenny Kerrison, Rotary Club of North Hobart. Key focuses of the project are donations of: long-lasting insecticidal nets, Hudson Sprayers for indoor residual spraying, and funds for training Community Health Volunteers (CHV). These donations are provided to the National Malaria Program (NMP), Ministry of Health, to support malaria elimination services in the country. So far achieved: 1. Shipment of 40,000 Olyset long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLINs) for pregnant women 2. Training in mass nets distribution and use for Community Health Volunteers (CHV) 3.Shipment of 80 Hudson Sprayers and spare kits.

International, Disease prevention and treatment


10 December 2018

31 August 2020

Club Foundation, Rotary Grant

North Hobart, Tas., Australia (Rotary Club)
Dili Lafaek, Timor-Leste (Rotary Club)

Jenny Lean Kerrison, North Hobart | contact
Howie S. Oh, North Hobart | contact
Mrs. Roslyn Anne Teirney, North Hobart | contact




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    Jenny Lean Kerrison
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    Jenny Lean Kerrison
    Hand-over of nets to the National Malaria Program
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    Mrs. Roslyn Anne Teirney
    Long-lasting insecticidal nets
  • Uploaded by
    Jenny Lean Kerrison
  • Uploaded by
    Jenny Lean Kerrison
    Indoor Residual Spraying using new donated sprayers
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    Jenny Lean Kerrison
    Nets purchased for Timor Leste

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