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Food Plant Solutions, a Rotarian Action Group 9830

RC North Hobart donates to District 9830 appeal for a book publishing FPS project in Vietnam


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Rotary Club of North Hobart supports the international work of the Rotarian Action Group Food Plant Solutions. Our donation enables FPS to address malnnutrition, hungr and food security through the use of readily available local food plants. The donation from our club specially supports the creation of educational resources that help people, particularly women, understand the connection between plant selection and nutrition and empowers them to grow a range of plants with differing seasonal requirements and maturities. This is a sustainable solution to hunger, malnutrition and food security and we are proud to fund a project that will fight malnutrition and other serious health problems, such as blindness, int4ellectual disabilities, anemia and impaired growth due to a lack of balanced nutrition in the diet.


Community, International, Environment, Disease prevention and treatment

Viet Nam

01 July 2019

10 May 2020

Mrs. Roslyn Anne Teirney, North Hobart | contact
Howie S. Oh, North Hobart | contact




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