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Supporting the homeless and the arts

Our club has supported two very worthwhile initiatives in the City of London.

St Mary-le-Bow church and its parish has a central position in the City of London. Our club has supported two very worthwhile initiatives of the church through grants approved by our Council. Under the auspices of the church, the St Mary-le-Bow Young Homeless project was established as an independent charitable trust. The aims of this charity are to help young people developing confidence and find they can budget, live with others, get a job and take part in society without depending on the state so that none reverts to being homeless again. Mr Michael Kenny, Director of the St Mary-le-Bow Homeless Project responded to the grant saying: 'We are grateful for this most generous grant and will use it well. We have in mind helping one or two of our young people to set themselves up in their own flats'. The second initiative supported by our club was a grant to the Academy of St Mary-le-Bow. It aims at giving local young people the opportunity to play orchestral music to a high standard.

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Start: 13 November 2018
End:  13 November 2018
Created: 20 November 2018

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Domenic Pini, The City & Shoreditch| (contact)
Mrs. Ebe Campi, The City & Shoreditch| (contact)
Eugen Buck, The City & Shoreditch| (contact)
Dr Saroj Chhabra, The City & Shoreditch| (contact)
The City & Shoreditch, Greater London, England (Rotary Club)
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