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Green Tool

A project that will give students the knowledge and habilities to improve their own environment.

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Descripción detallada

Green Tool is inspired by the necessity of bringing novelty solutions to the environmental imbalance, as well as supply the absence of programs, of broad spectrum, referring to the scientific impulse at students of high school education. Environmental education is a human being’s inherent process through which the individual becomes capable of analyzing the reality of his own environment, identifying problems in it and generating brand new ideas in order to solve the imbalance around. However, this knowledge is currently on incipient development, and because of it it’s not being imparted optimally in most of South America. Green Tool focuses on refine and increase innate capabilities of the students through a methodology of innovative teaching for the national standards in environmental education and project management, offering by this way the “tools” that they require to generate their own projects in order to achieve solutions for the variety of environmental troublesomes at stage.


Medio ambiente, Alfabetización y educación básica

Camaná, Arequipa

Feb, 2022

10 Months

Sr. Rhonal Flores Valencia, Arequipa Primavera | contacto
Emanuel Edgardo Rosales Mariño, Carpe Diem Católica | contacto
Sra. Yeny Rocio Garcia Anco, Arequipa Primavera | contacto



Financiamiento del proyecto

31000 USD

29500 USD

Arequipa Primavera, Areq., Peru (Rotary Club)
Carpe Diem Católica, Areq., Peru (Rotaract Club)

Necesidades de la comunidad, impacto y sosteniblidad del proyecto

Evaluación de las necesidades de la comunidad: Modo que utilizó el equipo del proyecto para identificar las necesidades de la comunidad.

We choose to use a deductive method, gathering pertinent information to the educational reality of our region: Arequipa. After having collected data from the institutions of environment evaluation and inspection, it was concluded that Camaná meets two of the most important requirements to be selected as a participant of our project: Deficit in education and a high degree of environmental pollution.


Impacto del proyecto: Modo en que el proyecto ayudará a la comunidad una vez finalizado este.

The community will be benefited in two ways. The first, related to the direct community of the project, is the expansion of knowledge in the 3rd and 4th year high school students in environmental education and project development. The second, related to the indirect community, occurs through the execution of projects proposed by the students that will consequently have a positive impact on the quality of life of all the agents of the community in which the project it’s going to be developed.


Sostenibilidad: Modo en que se mantendrán los beneficios del proyecto una vez finalizado este.

The Non Governmental Organization in charge of the project after we leave, will receive the knowhow and the administration of “Green Tool Showcase” (the virtual platform of the project) in order to continue with the impact of Green Tool not just in Camana, but spreading it to other communities. The continuity of Green Tool will be financed with donations, crowdfunding and the self profits through the web platform.



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    Emanuel Edgardo Rosales Mariño