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Exchange of Students With RH Rotary Club

Organisation of Student Concerts with Radolfzell Hegau RC in January 2017


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The Rotary Clubs of Radolfzell-Hegau/Germany and of Istanbul Sisli/Turkey promote the exchange of music department university students between Germany and Turkey in January and in April 2017 to facilitate international and cross-cultural understanding, friendship and peace. We were all born unconciously into a certain nation, class or family. That is something we have all taken for granted. The importance lies on 'how we connect to whatever is beyond'. In the way of serving humanity, wishing to change things through care is needed more than ever. Mutual exchange program is organized for music students in Germany and in Turkey. The Exchange Groups participate in respective studies dealing with music which is an international language and discussions in other aspects of life in two cooperating countries. We believe our sincere friendship and inward fulfillment for peace will lead to outward action in serving humanity and this companion will 'correct' whatever other things 'divide'.


Internacional, Paz y prevención de conflictos


01 julio 2016

30 junio 2017

Michael Dohm, Radolfzell-Hegau | contacto
Ufuk Sayver, | contacto
Duygu Ergüney, | contacto
Dr. oec. Wolfgang Uebel, Radolfzell-Hegau | contacto
Hulusi Gençay, Istanbul-Sisli | contacto




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