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El suministro de agua y saneamiento es una de las seis áreas de interés de Rotary. Más información.

Fresh ground water for the Mutomo Mission Hospital

To assist the Mutomo Mission Hospital (MMH) to use ground water from a new borehole

Financiado por una subvención de Rotary

MMH serves a population of about 200 000 people. It provides all surgical operations and almost all dental services in this area. The Mutomo village has a population of about 18 000 inhabitants. When the project started the community could buy water from dams, in which rain water is collected, and which are located about 3 km outside the village and there is also tap water from dwells 35 km away to buy in the center of the village. This water is drinkable but not tasty because of salt. In 2015 investigations showed that there is fresh ground water at a deep of about 200 meters. This project has assisted the MMH to bring up ground water through two boreholes, to lead the water to the hospital, a big school in the vicinity and to a water kiosk, where water can be bought by the community. A total of about 50 cubic meters of water is available per day when these boreholes are working.

Sede del proyecto
Fechas del proyecto
Inicio: 01 septiembre 2015
Final:  26 septiembre 2018
Creado el: 02 octubre 2018

✓ Este proyecto se ha completado.
Categoría de proyecto
Internacional, Suministro de agua y saneamiento
Fundación del club, Subvención de Rotary
Docent Per Olof Osterman, Uppsala Glunten| (contacto)
Machakos, Kenya (Club rotario)
Uppsala Glunten, Sweden (Club rotario)
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    Docent Per Olof Osterman
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    Docent Per Olof Osterman
    Water kiosk delivers water
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    Docent Per Olof Osterman
    Members of RC Machakos at borehole

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