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Implementation of Maternity inn for pregnant poor mother who comes from remote places.

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Due to the increase in maternal mortality in 2020 with 15 deaths and currently in the current year with 06 cases of maternal mortality and the early detection of risk factors, there is a need for the timely capture and completion of an institutional care of the delivery, as well as providing timely shelter to expectant mothers, this will help reduce maternal mortality. The Maternity House in a temporary inn, as well as it serves to provide an alternative service to pregnant women, where the pregnant mother who comes from remote places as well as from Andean rural areas such as Yanaquihua, Ispacas, is cared for and prepared. Salamanca and Andaray, are places that do not have the service for their due care, that is why it is very important to provide security and well-being to the pregnant mother, thus preventing maternal and perinatal death. Link contact info: Rhonal Flores Valencia rhonalfv@gmail.com +51 951139518 +51 54 215040


En la comunidad, Salud materno-infantil

Chuquibamba - Arequipa
Health Center of Chuquibamba
Arequipa, Condesuyos

Nov, 2021

12 Months

Sr. Rhonal Flores Valencia, Arequipa Primavera | contacto



Financiamiento del proyecto

42000 USD

37000 USD

Necesidades de la comunidad, impacto y sosteniblidad del proyecto

Evaluación de las necesidades de la comunidad: Modo que utilizó el equipo del proyecto para identificar las necesidades de la comunidad.

Interviews with the Health Professionals and those in charge of the Headquarters (Interview Guide N ° 01) of the Chuquibamba Micro-network headquarters located in Yanaquihua, Ispacas, Salamanca and Andaray, as well as the Mothers, who attend the maternal and child service.


Impacto del proyecto: Modo en que el proyecto ayudará a la comunidad una vez finalizado este.

Encourage access of pregnant women for delivery care to the health facility, thus contributing to the decrease in maternal and perinatal mortality; mainly to patients who come from rural areas.


Sostenibilidad: Modo en que se mantendrán los beneficios del proyecto una vez finalizado este.

The Chuquibamba health center is committed to maintaining the mother's home. A delivery and maintenance protocol has been established for the properties, materials and supplies to be delivered. A training plan has been established for those in charge and for the execution of campaigns to raise awareness about the importance of maternal and child health, these activities will have the participation and monitoring of the Rotary Club Arequipa Primavera.



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    Sr. Rhonal Flores Valencia
  • Cargado por
    Sr. Rhonal Flores Valencia
  • Cargado por
    Sr. Rhonal Flores Valencia