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Haiti Deaf Academy Food Preservation Project

To provide the HDA with food preservation capabilities in order to keep food fresh and healthy.

The Haiti Deaf Academy (HDA) is a not-for-profit educational facility for hard of hearing and deaf Haitian children. The Academy provides accommodation to over 50 children and access to educational programing for hearing challenged children living in the community. In addition to serving the educational needs of these children, the Academy also provides them with 3 meals a day, access to medical care and a safe and caring environment in which the children can learn and grow. To this point, provision of nutritious meals has been a challenge as the Academy did not have the facilities required to store fresh meat, fruit and vegetables. The goal of this project has been to provide the Haiti Deaf Academy with the funding required to acquire a large freezer and refrigerator and install solar panels to provide an independent power source. Funding for this project has been provided by donations from the Rotary Club of Halifax Northwest and a matching District Grant.

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Project dates
Start: 01 September 2017
End:  15 May 2018
Created: 13 February 2018

✓ This project is complete.
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Community, International, New Generations, Economic and community development
Club Foundation, Rotary Grant, Connect Hearing donation
Project contacts
Mr. Richard Hodgson, Halifax Northwest| (contact)
Halifax Northwest, NS, Canada (Rotary Club)
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    Mr. Richard Hodgson
    Fresh veg at last!
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    Mr. Richard Hodgson
    Appreciative smiles!
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    Mr. Richard Hodgson
    Fresh fruit and vegetables
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    Mr. Richard Hodgson
    The dining room.
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    Mr. Richard Hodgson
    The beneficiaries!
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    Mr. Richard Hodgson
    Fridge and freezer arriving!
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    Mr. Richard Hodgson
    Installing solar panels


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