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Educate-Empower-Eradicate MDR TB

An Advocacy to help stop Multi-Drug Resistant Tuberculosis for the patients of Bulacan Medical


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The Bulacan Medical Hospital caters to 80++ patients who fights for their lives to survive the treatment. Although Tuberculosis is treatable, the bacteria that cause tuberculosis (TB) can develop resistance to the antimicrobial drugs used to cure the disease. Multidrug-resistant TB (MDR-TB) is TB that does not respond to at least isoniazid and rifampicin, the 2 most powerful anti-TB drugs. it is becoming increasingly difficult to treat MDR-TB. Treatment options are limited and expensive, recommended medicines are not always available, and patients experience many adverse effects from the drugs. In some cases even more severe drug-resistant TB may develop. As the poverty level is high in provinces such as Bulacan, these patients loose hope in treatment. The team doctors and nurses give hope by engaging in a program to be able to assist patients to continue with the medication, provide healthy food, vitamins and supplements and give them cheer by organising key events such as assemblies.

Community, Disease prevention and treatment


27 October 2019

22 December 2019

Quirino Manila Central, Manila, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Aseana Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Tagaytay City, Cavite, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Ermita, Manila, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Manila Premier, Manila, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Pasay Maharlika, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Manila Centennial, Manila, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Manila East, Manila, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Mabini Manila, Manila, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Manila Midtown, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Chinatown-Manila, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Manila San Miguel, Manila, Philippines (Rotary Club)
San Marcelino, Manila, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Bagumbayan-Manila, Manila, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Pasay Southeast, Metro Manila, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Manila Kophil, Manila, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Jose Abad Santos, Manila, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Metro Dasmarinas, Cavite, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Intramuros-Manila, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Manila Metro, Manila, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Manila Supreme 198, Manila, Philippines (Rotary Club)

Willie T. Chua, Bagumbayan-Manila | contact
Ana Alicia Jacobo Villegas, San Marcelino | contact
Mr. Emil Bryan Fernandez Toledo, Chinatown-Manila | contact
Guilbert Sampedro, Manila East | contact
Rosauro Ruz Ching, Intramuros-Manila | contact
Ma. Dolores M Cater, Ermita | contact
Walter D Buenaventura, Pasay Southeast | contact
Ms. Michelle Cidro Casio, Manila Metro | contact
Lineth Fidel Espineli, Tagaytay City | contact
Maria Concepcion Reyes Clavo, Manila San Miguel | contact
Von P. Valdepeñas, Aseana Manila | contact
In Soo Matthew Park, Manila Kophil | contact
Carlson C. Yap, Manila Centennial | contact
Jesusa Villavito, Manila Premier | contact
Catalina Manarin Bagsic, Manila Supreme 198 | contact
Winston Santillan Tiu, Jose Abad Santos | contact
Roberto Francisco Miralles, Quirino Manila Central | contact
Geneliza V. Lagura, Metro Dasmarinas | contact
Michelle Socorro Khader, Pasay Maharlika | contact


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    Fellowship after every service is the best part
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    MDR TB Patients, doctors and nurses with Champion Presidents
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    Turn over of Check from Proceeds of District Table Tennis

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