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Serenade for Lola at CIW

Music for the elders at CIW


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In cooperation with News Information Beuro of Malacanang, Malacanag Legal Office and Dist.3810 various Rotary Club headed by RC Mla JP Laurel Malacanng.. Invited the Aliw Awardee Quartet winner 2018 to serenade and enjoy at peace in regards of their rehabilitation program, giving a chance to hear the serenade and calming their thoughts of uplifting their soul by hearing music and harmony..given a chance also by extending the goodness and giving important for the elders the group of Rotarian of Dist 3810 share their gracious joy of gifts and food for the elders...only 600 senior inmates was the beneficiary of this event...Rotarian Dist 3810 Headed by RC Mla JP Laurel Malacanang,RC Hiyas ng Maynila, RC Manila San Miguel, Rc Manila Maharlika, RC Ermita Manila, RC San Marcelino,RC Manila Premier, RC Pasay Cyber City, RC Pasay Maharlika, RC Dewey Blvd Pasay, RC Pasay Business District. Rc Metro Dasmarinas Cavite and RC Sablayan Metro

Community, Peacebuilding and conflict prevention


03 July 2019

03 July 2019

Club Foundation, Donation

Sablayan Metro, Occ. Min., Philippines (Rotary Club)
Ermita, Manila, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Manila Premier, Manila, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Pasay Maharlika, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Dewey Boulevard Pasay, Pasay City, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Manila JP Laurel Malacañang, Manila, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Pasay Cyber City, Metro Manila, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Hiyas Ng Maynila, Manila, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Manila Maharlika, Manila, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Manila San Miguel, Manila, Philippines (Rotary Club)
San Marcelino, Manila, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Metro Dasmarinas, Cavite, Philippines (Rotary Club)
Pasay Business District, Pasay City, Philippines (Rotary Club)

Majafaro Vergara Tindoy-Atayde, | contact




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