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Fresh Food for Families from Food Plant Solutions

A workshop for Nepalese refugee families living in D 9830 enabled nutrition, literacy and support.


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You are an immigrant to a country which, in contrast to all that you are familiar with, is in a different climate, with different soils, and different plants which will flourish in these conditions. You are keen to be a good provider for your family and the idea of growing fresh fruit and vegetables is a part of that. Where do you start? Where do you get useful information? How can you find out about the soils and the plants? Initiated by PRID John Thorne. a cooperative community committee was formed between members of The Royal Society of Tasmania, the Rotary Clubs of Hobart and North Hobart, the Nepalese community and the Horticultural Department of TAFE. The initial workshop was conducted by John and the committee. John then wrote a model workshop guide. Following the workshop the concept and booklets were passed to Rotary's "Food Plant Solutions" Action group. This collaboration is a fine example of working together to produce a creative, practical and successful outcome.


Community, International, Environment, Maternal and child health


01 May 2017

31 March 2018

Dr. John G. Thorne, North Hobart | contact
Mrs. Una M. Hobday, Hobart | contact
Mrs. Roslyn Anne Teirney, North Hobart | contact



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