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Canine Companions for Independence

To raise money to train service dogs for disabled veterans.


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Grady Brown, the past President of the Rotary Club of Temple, Texas, had a great love for dogs. During an obedience course for his own dog, Grady met a classmate who was training a dog to be a therapy dog with Canine Companions for Independence (CCI). Grady was so enamored by the organization and process that he arranged for CCI to do a presentation at Rotary. As a result of the presentation, the current President of the Rotary Club of Temple, Dr. Phil Davis got interested in training a dog for CCI as well, and, so the “Journey” began. Founded in 1975, Canine Companions for Independence® is a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs and ongoing support to ensure quality partnerships. Canine Companions provides assistance for adults with disabilities who need service or hearing dogs to increase independence.

Community, Disease prevention and treatment

United States

27 September 2019

11 October 2019


Temple, TX, USA (Rotary Club)

Dr Jason Duckworth, Temple | contact




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