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Provide Water Purification, Sanitation, and Park

Provide water purification and sanitation candles and build a community park for 3 colonies.


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This project unites two International Service Organizations, Rotary International and Habitat for Humanity. The goal of Habitat Guatemala is to reduce poverty housing and build community connections. The Children's Park will serve three adjacent colonies and be a shared, safe, healthy and accessible recreational space increasing the quality of life and social capital of families living here. The Park will serve 166 families in Usumatlan, Zacapa, Guatemala. Public spaces are an integral part of fostering the united sensibility necessary for community development. Waterborne diseases kill five Guatemalan children everv day. The problem in Guatemala is dire. Only 54% of the country has access to improved sanitation services. The alternative is make shift latrines or none at all leading to human waste being deposited close or directly into local water resulting in 98% contaminated with fecal matter, and chemical residues. Where piping exists, this is the water entering homes.

Water sanitation and hygiene


15 February 2013

01 November 2013


Ciudad de Guatemala, Guatemala (Rotary Club)
Templeton, CA, USA (Rotary Club)

Nancy C. Fiske, Central Coast-Passport, D5240 | contact




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