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Training/Empowerment of women on Jewellery Making

Training/Empowerment of young women in Jewellery Making


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Detailed description

This is a women empowerment project designed to give skills to 10 young women in the craft of jewellery and bead making to provide them with means of livelihood and to also enhance the knowledge of the women in small business management/entrepreneurship. The women are to be trained and provided with the tools for the trade as well as start-up raw materials to use in making jewelleries which they can sell and plough back to build their business.


Community, Vocational, Community economic development

Ibadan, Oyo State
Ibadan, Oyo, 200001

20 September 2021

30 September 2021

Samuel Kolawole, Ibadan-Jericho Metro | contact


Project Funding

Rotary Club of Ibadan - Jericho Metro (Other)

Community needs, project impact, and sustainability

Community assessment: How the project team learned about the community’s needs

There are many out of employment young women, educated and not educated in Nigeria who need means of livelihood. sampling opinions show that many are willing to learn a trade or craft from which they could earn a living. Adverts were placed to see how many will show interest. The interest shown was overwhelming but due to funding, only 10 women could be trained immediately and empowered with tools and raw materials with which they can make products to sell.


Project impact: How the project will help the community after the project ends

Empowerment of young women is important to the community. It takes families out of poverty and helps in improving the economic situation of the society by taking women out of unemployment statistics and giving them freedom.


Sustainability: How the benefits of the project will continue afterward

The next stage is to train the women on entrepreneurship and small business management. This should help the trainees to put a structure to their skills and establish a business they can grow. There is also a plan to provide a market for sale of their products by helping to display their products at club and district events and helping them to advertise their products on our chub's social media.



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    Training session
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    Display of products by trainees

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