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The Rotary Foundation supports the work of Rotarians for the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.
Promoting education and literacy for all is one of Rotary’s six Areas of Focus.

School development and Value ( Rotary) literacy

Our concern in this attempt is to teach key Rotary values namely leadership, integrity and diversity

Our medium of teaching in this exercise is 5S. 5S is one of the first tools that had been traditionally tested by many organizations around the world to get into the continuous improvement culture.The approach is the 5S method which places emphasis on discipline and standards within the person and organization as well. As a tool, 5S places focus on the need of a set standards such as goal alignment, cleaning and organizing within the organization.We intend to improve the tangible measures ( what)such as student numbers who get through the examinations etc but most importantly we are geared to inculcate in students how they achieve them. We give opportunities to students to tap into their innate leadership traits, living a honest life ( integrity) whilst respecting each other( diversity) in the class. We want students to uphold those values at the very tender years that they hopefully would carry up to later years.

Project location
Sri Lanka
Project dates
Start: 16 September 2017
End:  31 December 2017
Project category
Basic education and literacy
Rotary Grant
Project contacts
Nandana Sri Kanakaratne, Kelaniya| (contact)
Kelaniya, Western Prov., Sri Lanka (Rotary Club)
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