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Bingo Fundraiser for Bridge in Guatemala

Drag queen bingo night to help raise money for a new foot bridge in Guacamayas Hamaca, Guatemala


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The village of Guacamayas Hamaca currently has an ~8 year old foot bridge that is in poor structural shape. This bridge is used by members of the community on both sides of the river to walk to market, school, hospital, and other resources (the community on one side of the bridge lacks running water and electricity). During the rainy season it is especially dangerous to cross this bridge, and locals fear that if it collapses it will cause hardship for the community. Thanks to a referral from our Rotary sponsor, Milwaukee Rotary, we were able to get in touch with the Engineers Without Borders (EWB) group that is planning to design a new bridge. Our event helped raised a portion of money needed for EWB-Marquette University to work on this bridge (the project is primarily being funded by Rotary, MU student fundraisers, and materials from the local community). Rotaractors solicited and donated prizes for this fundraising event, which was held at a local restaurant named Hamburger Mary's.


International, Community economic development

United States

12 November 2019

12 November 2019

Paige Radke, Milwaukee | contact


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