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The Rotary Foundation supports the work of Rotarians for the improvement of health, the support of education, and the alleviation of poverty.
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Light for Puerto Rico (Phase I)

Provide 100 solar-powered flashlights/chargers to 100 vulnerable families in Puerto Rico

Hurricane María created health, medical, safety and security hazards, plus additional environmental and socio-economic issues in Puerto Rico. Now it lacks electricity, ICT (cell, Internet) and water services; and is suffering supplies and fuel shortages. Floods and debris are blocking roads. Life went on in darkness, isolation and little means of communication. To complement first-responders’ efforts, the LIGHT FOR PUERTO RICO PROJECT - Phase I (LFPR-I) is providing 100 vulnerable families and communities in hurricane-devasted Puerto Rico with 3-in-1 solar and crank powered devices (Flashlight, USB enabled cell/tablet charger, night lamp) which runs from 7 to 48 hours on a single charge, providing light and enabling mobile communication to affected people . The donation has been possible thanks to DCDuckRace funding( and if being distributed by Rotarians from the RC of Arecibo.

Project location
Puerto Rico
Project dates
Start: 14 September 2017
End:  30 November 2017
Created: 10 October 2017
Project category
International, Economic and community development
Rotary Grant
Project contacts
Carolee Montanez-Allman, Arecibo| (contact)
Maria Nelly Pavisich, Washington| (contact)
Washington, DC, USA (Rotary Club)
Arecibo, PR, Puerto Rico (Rotary Club)
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Light for Puerto Rico - Phase I


  • Uploaded by
    Maria Nelly Pavisich
    Learning how the solar flashlight works
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    Maria Nelly Pavisich
    Puerto Rico State Officials inspecting flashlights
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    Maria Nelly Pavisich
    Nuns in elderly care facility
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    Maria Nelly Pavisich
    Project Leads: Carolee and Maria Nelly
  • Uploaded by
    Maria Nelly Pavisich
    Rotarian with Adela Montero, Regional Director of Housing
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    Maria Nelly Pavisich
    Rotarians packing flashlights
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    Maria Nelly Pavisich
    Rotarians in action
  • Uploaded by
    Maria Nelly Pavisich
    3-1 Solar Flashlight/Charger/Lamp


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