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Carabao Dairy Production

Carabao Dairy Production


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The Carabao Dairy Production Project started during DGE Alonzo’s term as Club President of RY 2009-2010, with the collaboration of RC Iri of South Korea, D3670. This TRF Matching Grant is a self sustaining program under the continuous supervision of the Rotary Club of Santa Maria. This originated with 24 carabaos, dispersed to all 12 members of RCC of Guyong. Its main purpose is to give a livelihood to the farmers. RC Santa Maria and the RCCs agreed on the dispersal policy of having the 2nd and 4th calf being produced by the carabaos be dispersed to the new RCC group. For 8 years now, this program went up to 115, 24 was dispersed to RCC Pulong Buhangin, 15 died and now the RCC Guyong has a net of 76 carabaos. As of December 27, 2018 RCC Guyong finally dispersed the last 7 calves to RCC Pulong Buhangin, the latter having a total of 36 carabaos. Another RCC group would be created after a new set of dispersal will be done by the RCC Pulong Buhangin approximately 2-4 years in the making.

Lokal, International, Berufsdienst, Fundraiser, Umwelt, Katastrophenhilfe, Wirtschaftliche Entwicklung des Gemeinwesens


18 Juli 2018

27 Dezember 2018


Santa Maria, Bulacan, Philippines (Rotary Club)

Arnold Samson Inocencio, Santa Maria | Kontakt




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